Chef Masato Oyama formerly of Sushi of Gari recently opened up a traditional Tokyo style sushi bar in of all places Murray Hill (located on the corner of the tunnel approach street in between 2nd and 3rd avenues) offering up some of the best sushi you will find in NYC. 

His new place Sushi Ryusei serves exceptionally fresh and perfectly sliced seafood served Tokyo style(dab of wasabi between fish and rice) in a sleek minimalist setting with friendly top notch service.

The fish by the piece or by primarily traditional rolls (no Hot Sexy Volcano rolls with eight ingredients here…Spicy Scallop is as exotic as it gets) are the stars here. 

There are a number of Izakaya style cooked dishes available like, Ebi Shumai (though no gyoza) Soba and Udon Soups (sorry, no Ramen) and Tempura dishes. Of note, at the Sushi bar cooked entrees are not served, only Omakase diners, sushi and appetizers, for cooked entrees request a table.  

Murray Hill finally gets a serious Sushi spot for those who prefer quality over mass quantity and traditional authentic vs americanized fusion food. Pricing is a bit premium, though well worth it. A great place for a date, small group of friends or for a discreet business conversation. Open for lunch (M-F) and dinner.

Sushi Ryusei is located at 216 East 39th Street 

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