I love Ramen and when I walked by a new joint on 1st Ave in the East Village with the namesake of my Chinese Zodiac spirit animal Tatsu (translates to Dragon) I did a bit of research and found that this is the East coast location of an established joint out of LA. 

To start I ordered from the Sides menu the Waygu Ramen Burger (there are a number of rice dishes, a Pork Bun). It was totally awesome and blew away the overhyped one I had at Smorgissomethingorother. 

Tatsu Ramen offers a half dozen plus variations of Ramen, the option to choose your desired level of heat (as in spicy) as well as the protein  (chicken, pork or tofu). I decided on the Bold Ramen with “quite a kick” (a level 2, goes up to 4) with Kurobuta pork. It was delish and though it did have a bit of a kick, I think I’ll try Whoa…Hot! next time. 

Of note, you order Tokyo style in this case via an iPad that you pay via a credit card. It generates a receipt that you give to the host, are then seated and served. Service is very friendly, cheery and attentive. 

In a city rapidly adding new Ramen joints add Tatsu Ramen to your great Ramen Spots, Burger spots, Fusion food joints and Late Night spots (2-3pm depending on day of week) lists.

Tatsu Ramen is located at 167 1st Avenue 

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