Sugarfish recently opened up a second location in NYC down in Soho, so I figured this would be a good time to see if it lives up to the hype of its fans or the reality of its critics.  Sugarfish’s menu gives you three Trust Me “Omakase” priced choices, a Don’t Think, Just Eat option and a somewhat limited selection of a la carte pieces and rolls. To drink, tea, beer, sake and white wine.  

I decided on the “Nozawa Trust Me” the largest and most expensive of the Trust Me’s at $52.00. You start with a bowl of Edamame, followed by tuna tartare, six types of fish (one is a daily special, large scallop the night I went) , two pieces of Sushi each for a total of twelve and two hand rolls.  

While the quality of the raw seafood was good, a serious Sushi Chef would have gone hari-kari over the rice. It was too loosely packed and frequently fell apart when I picked up my pieces of Sushi. Keep in mind Sushi is not raw fish, it is vinegared rice that is topped with a variety of ingredients, often raw seafood. Have fun with your friends over this fact.  

The interior is a nice, dimly lit, minimalist  space. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Essentially, Sugarfish is by traditional standards an inexpensive priced Omakase Sushi meal in a chic setting. The crowds that are looking for this are more than happy here. 

Sushi purists are correct that this chain is overhyped but are being snobs totally dissing it. For me the selection is too limited and the pieces kinda small. This chain is more of a girls night out kinda spot rather than a date or client lunch place. Regardless, it’s perpetually packed.

Sugarfish Soho is located at 202 Spring Street

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