Love Cuban food, ever have Chino Latino (Cuban Chinese fusion) cuisine? Before the communists took over, Cuba had a thriving Chinese population. They fled to America’s shores after Castro took over since they developed a taste (no pun intended) of Capitalism. 

Calle Dao offers a mix of traditional Cuban food and Chinese influenced Chino Latino fusion plates. They have a great Lunch Special that includes a sandwich (choice of three), soup (two) and a side salad for only $16.95 in a chic setting with friendly service. I enjoyed on my first visit tasty Black Bean soup and a solid Cuban sandwich. 

I’ll be back to further explore the menu especially to check out some of the fusion dishes. They have a nice long bar up front perfect for their happy hour (drinks start early, 11am!) that includes food (after 4pm I believe). Add Calle Dao to your Fusion Cuisine, Cuban Sandwiches, Lunch Specials and Happy Hour lists. 

Calle Dao is located at 38 West 39th Street 

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