When I was in Tokyo a few years back there was a spicy food fest that I didn’t get a chance to hit. It featured Toyko’s spiciest ramen. This past weekend Japanfes.com held a Ramenfest in NYC and Queens featuring Devil’s Ramen from Yokohama Japan…Tokyo’s spiciest ramen. 

It more than lived up to its name…it was crazy hot. You choose from three levels of heat 1,2, and 4 (not a Monty Python joke…see the sign in the pic). 

I was going to go big with 4…but though I love hot and spicy, from my worldwide travels, especially in Asia I learned their definition of hot and ours can be very different so I choose wisely with level 2 which was still crazy hot. Milk required…of which I literally brought a bottle with me. 

To help put out the heat I got a cheesecake from Keki Modern Cake. The company started in Chinatown and is an Osaka,Japan style Cheesecake Made with purple yam, Amish Cream Cheese, and Organic Eggs. It was fairly light for a cheesecake but totally hit the spot. Kinda tasting like sweet potato…but purple. 

If you love Japanese food and culture check out Japanfes.com for future like events. 

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