Born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island, schooled in Massachusetts, well traveled worldwide, I live in NYC. Years ago my friends told me I should start a “website”…at the time it was not so simple with the technology at hand. Regardless still kicking myself for not, until now. I’m the guy my friends, family and co-workers have been coming to for where to eat, drink, events, etc  I’m constantly looking for both new places to try and discovering great old spots as well. I take great pleasure in food and drink, enjoy the Arts, love gadgets, and while I don’t believe in fashion…I’m a strong believer in one having a distinct sense of style. Please note, I’m not a critic…I’m more of a Cool-Hunter(for the record Hunter is my Middle name). I only write about places and things that I enjoy and would like to share. Enjoy and feel free to comment and post suggestions on places for me to explore.

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  1. alfredo says:

    nice to have you here!

  2. R M says:

    Are you the Stephen Roberts from EM, NY?

  3. Hunter says:

    Well ELP was to make sure it’s you…Yes been a while. Is the with your and I presume your wife’s name your e-mail address? If so I’ll send you an email there…since the “world” can see this…

  4. Nice to meet you at NY Travel Fest!

  5. Vinny says:

    When are you going to get your own show on VICE?

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