Rosie’s Mexican Brunch

Looking for a cool spot with outdoor seating for upscale Mexican food for Brunch and Dinner? Rosie’s is a large open space with a menu to match offering plenty to choose from as well as a variety of Margaritas and Bloody Mary’s.
At brunch my meal started oddly enough with Churros with chocolate sauce served before our entrees came gratis. For those familiar with them, they are usually served for desert, but I was hungry and they were good. 

While the Brunch menu has plenty to choose from my eyes were drawn to the Chilaquiles (which I love). Rosie’s version has Cecina (a dried beef) which I had not seen before so had to try them. They are muy bueno. My friend was watching their figure so they ordered the Huevos con Vegetables and peppers.  

While I really wanted one of their Bloody Mary’s Due to a cold I just had coffee their coffee which was a solid cup. I will be back for dinner and to hit the Bloody Mary Menu over Brunch. 

Rosie’s is located at 29 East 2nd Street 

#Summer2017 Top 10 #Food and #Drinks Thus Far

My list of the Summer of  2017 Top 10 Food and Drinks Thus Far…

Oddfellows Limited Edition Softserve Tangerine ice Cream (see above:) available at their Pop up at #OddfellowCarnival at Chefs Counter  

Gentle Brews of Long Beach Cold Brew and their Smores bars 

The Peaches, Plums and Nectarines available at the RockCenter Farmers Market 
Du’s Donuts and Coffee Eggcellent Grilled Cheese Scrambled Egg Sandwich…don’t forget to add 🥓😋
The stuffed Bagel Sandwiches at Max Bialystok especially the and the and their Whitefish salad and Spicy Tuna Salad. 

The Peruvian rotisserie chicken with rice and beans dipped and drizzled with their green mojo sauce at Super Pollo of Long Beach

The Yuzu Ramen at Mr. Tanaka and the Spicy Bibimen Summer Ramen at Ichiban Ramen by Shinokubu

The Set Lunch at Ryugin Ramen , go spicy Tan-Tan Ramen with a Sushi Cocktail 

Leuca’s Orata Fish and the La Bandiera Cocktail 

The Some Like it Hot at Casa Publica. Bonus points for Stephanie the Bartender

Contratto Aperitif available at Astor Wines. I use it for Negroni’s and NoVinoSpritz’s(I substitute the Prosseco with Gin:) 

Brooklyn Cupcakes Italian Rainbow Cookie Cupcake

OK so maybe more than 10 items…more to come:)  

#Beach Rules and Etiquette 101

It amazes me that I need to put this together and put it out there, but between too many observations and conversations with others, sadly I do. While this is geared towards local NY, LI, NJ, and CT beaches it applies pretty much worldwide. 

If you see Red and Green flags…they are not just for decoration. You swim in between the Green ones. You don’t ignore them and make Lifeguards run across the beach to tell you to move over when someone may be out in the water really needing real help. 

Respect the Lifeguards and listen to them. The are there to potentially save your or a loved ones life. 

If you see posts for Rip Currents…Do Not go in(Unless you litter at the beach and blast music…then by all means please go in. Rules don’t apply to you…just wait till the Lifeguards are off duty:) 

If the Jetty, Rocks, etc have a sign saying not to go on them, Do Not go on them to take a damn selfie or pic of another. When you do, it makes the Lifeguards run to you to get you off them distracting them from keeping people safe in the water

Don’t go swimming with your Sunglasses on, great way to lose them. Even in a Velcro sealed pocket they can get sucked out while bodysurfing. Kinda found that out the hard way this Summer(on the bright side, you get a brand new pair. Shout out #WarbyParker )

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This means lots of water and the like. Not Beer or soda, they dehydrate you. Drink the beer after the beach at a beach bar. If driving, don’t until you get home. Do you really need to be told this? Oh I can handle X amount…No, you can’t. 

Wear Sunblock ( Shout-out #Zinka to prot ft your nose 🙂 and a good one. Your only hurting yourself if you don’t. Aloe Vera lotion after you shower is also a great idea. 

Make sure your food ( Shout Out #MaxBialystok ) at the beach is secured inside your bags. Seagulls have a great sense of smell and are good at pulling things out that are not secured. They also call to their flock to come and get some. 

For the love of God do not throw bread for them to eat…they swarm the area. Translates to pee and bird-shit on you and your things.

Clean up after yourself. It’s your job to leave the beach as you found it. Do you throw wrappers, cans, plastic bottles, napkins etc around your house? If so, don’t come to the beach. If you do, bring your Mommy so she can clean up after you.

Do not blast your music at the beach. No one wants to hear it but you. You literally deserve sand kicked in your face for doing it. 

Absolutely do not walk around blasting music. Its sound pollution and it’s like getting hit in the ear when it’s too close. You deserve a smack upside the head. It also screams that you have a very small penis that likely doesn’t function properly and you are  very, very insecure about it. 

Do not blast your music on Public Transpiration coming or going to the beach. For all I’m concerned Train Conductors  should ticket you with fines.

iPads and Games -If you or your little darling requires one then equip them with ear buds or a headset. No one wants to hear the beats, blasts or music from it. 

Don’t kick sand in people’s faces when you are waking or running by others chilling ( Shout-out to #magazines #Hayo and  #Whalebone ) on their towels and beach-chairs whether it’s crowded or not. Caveat. If They are blasting music while throwing bread for the Seagulls…kick copious amounts of sand in their faces. 

We all go to the beach to have fun. Have a great time. Respect the beach, the environment, your beach neighbors and fellow railroad, bus, ferry passengers. 

At Littlefield “Clue” by A Drinking Game NYC

Did you play drinking games in College, play them at your Summer and or Ski share…still play them? Like 80-90’s Movies and enjoy a drink or three(+:) ? Then this evenings entertainment may just be for you. 

The night I went to Littlefield the A Drinking Game NYC troupe did Clue as a play based on the movie based on the classic board game with one killer twist. They made it an interactive drinking game, thus not only for the audience…but the cast! 

Quite simply when certain names or phases are uttered, the cast and or the audience imbibes. Pace yourself, because sometimes a number come in rapid fire. The cast was awesome and was impressed how they kept it together while drinking. They had great chemistry and it showed. They also had as much if not more fun than the audience.

Seating is limited so either get there early or book in advance or just stand and be close to the bar. Which of note has a great fairly priced craft beer selection, Vino and some interesting sounding Cocktails(no food but they will let you bring in…def go to Wangs for easy to eat under your seat Popcorn Chicken).

This was a very fun and different event that makes you wonder why didn’t anyone think of this before? I highly recommend checking it out and plan on going to see more of their work. Check out upcoming shows on Littlefields website. 

Littlefield is located at 635 Sackett Street in Gowanus Brooklyn   

#Wangs East Meets South in SoAsian Chicken and Fixins

Love fried Chicken and Wings, Southern style sides, Korean and Vietnamese flavors? Then head on over to Wangs in Gowanus right off the R train at the Union station and go right up to the open window to place your order. The space inside is all kitchen. Wangs does have Picnic tables and benches right out front when it nice out. 

Wang’s menu offers Popcorn chicken(marinated in buttermilk and black pepper), half or whole Fried Chicken, Wings and a Bahn Mi sandwich. They have a number of condiments to dip your choice of chicken in (the cilantro and lime Mayo was yummy). 

Choose from a number of Southern style with Asian flavors sides. Go big and order the 3 for $12. I loved the Collard Greens with Chinese Sausage, Mac n Cheese with Korean Gochugaru and the Potato salad with Sesame aioli. I would love for them to open a location in NYC…hint-hint, but well worth jumping on the R for. 
Wangs is located at 671 Union Street in Gowanus Brooklyn  

#Leuca The William Vale Hotels Delizioso Osteria

Looking for some delicious rustic Italian food in a beautiful space with great service and are willing to travel all the way to Williamsburg Brooklyn? Then Andrew Carmellini’s new restaurant Leuca may become your favorite new Italian joint. 

The menu while not old school Italian giant sized has plenty to choose from. What I really liked about the menu is that you can go with appi’s and entrees  per person or do it Tapas style like we did ordering a number of items from various sections of the menu, only one being from the entree selection. 

Leuca has a very nice Wine selection but some of their cocktails caught my eye and I wanted to see what their Bar could do. I started with the La Bandiera a Gin based cocktail with Sambuca, Mint and Lime that was awesome Italian twist on a Mojito. 

Drink in hand we started with the creamy Sheep’s Milk Ricotta with Hot Honey and Garlic with bread chips to dip it up with  and a bowl of Olives stuffed with Almonds. While basic and simple, delicious and a taste of things to come. 

From the Wood Fired Pizza selection we choose the OG topped with  pepperoni, nujia and Fresno chilies. If you love pepperoni pizza this is for you. Just note, the Pizza here is very thin crusted so it’s not going to fill you up. 

Though I loved the La Bandiera and wanted another I had to try the Mama Ricco that combined Vodka and Rum with Strega, Grapefruit and Bitters another winner. It would be well worth coming here just for the bar, but almost criminal to not eat while here. 

Black Shells with Calamari and Rock Shrimp had my name all over it and tasted even better than its Instagram FoodPorn looks. From the Entree selection we shared the Whole Orata which was almost to beautiful to eat. Almost…but if I didn’t eat it a Shark would have. 

We were planning on going to hit one of the many awesome Ice Cream joints in Billyburg for desert but we decided to check out their desert Menu which I highly advise you do as well. 

Bombolini (Italian style fried Donuts) with a side of Cherry Stracciatella(means with chocolate flakes) Gelato and the Pistachio Cake with Olive Oil  Gelato were too tough to decide between. So we ordered both:) To wash down the deserts, Coffee and Espresso.

Leuca from start to finish is a home run making this a worthy destination restaurant for a hot date, group of friends or business dinner. 

Leuca is located at the William Vale Hotel at 111 North 12th Street 

The WestLight at the William Vale Hotels Epic NYC Views

Most likely and quite simply possibly the the best views of Manhattan you will find are from the William Vales new 22nd floor Rooftop Bar the WestLight. 

The crowd here isn’t so much Billyburg hipster as more dressed to thrill in black NYC…and tourists. The interior is a great space but the wrap around deck and it’s views are amazing. 
  Westlights drinks are well crafted though vere towards the complex. I enjoyed the Viking Shandy that has Gin, Aquavit and Beer, and their twist on a Margarita is pretty good too. While the Beer selection is short, it’s a nice selection, especially the Ayinger a German Wheat beer I love. 

Of note, they recommend calling and making reservations to get up on the roof. If you’re bringing somebody special or from out of town I would do so if I were you. This spot will be hot long past the Summer. 

WestLight is located at 111 North 12th Street 

@ThePressShop – Oy Gavelt These Sandwiches Are Good! 

My Mother is going to kill me if she finds out I ate this. I mean I was tempted to go for the Press Shop’s version of a Cuban…and the Bahn Mi sounded really good to, but Brisket with Swiss, Sautéed Onions, Mayo and au jus sandwiched in between Challah bread, pressed together. Well just look at it! 

Thing is they bill it as Grandma’s as in Jewish style brisket and I generally only eat Brisket Texas/Southern BBQ style. Until now. So here’s the thing, do not tell my Mom about this. Please, I will be in so much trouble for never eating her Brisket(of note, she is a very good cook:) 

The Press Shop is a great new spot in Soho for a variety of multi-cultural sandwiches made with high end ingredients. Though it may look like an upscale fast food joint it is most definitely not.  To drink they have a number of Lemonades, Iced Teas and Aqua Fresca’s. The Honeydew was awesome. 

Press Shop is located at 74 Bleecker Street 

Du’s Donuts, Coffee and Epic Scrambled Egg GrilledCheese and Bacon

 I usually don’t like “cake” donuts, I generally prefer the Yeast of the species. However, when I saw that superstar hyper-creative Chef Wylie Dufresne was Du-ing Donuts at the new William Vale hotel I had to check them out. 

Good thing I did since Du’s Donuts are awesome and come in all sorts of creative, interesting and crazy flavor combo’s. Thus far I’ve enjoyed the Peanut Butter with Yuzu glaze and the Pink Lemonade with Pistachio glaze. 
However as good as the Donuts are the real hit here is one of the best Breakfast sandwiches in New York. Du’s does a scrambled egg grilled cheese sandwich with bacon. Epic! I’m craving another just thinking about it. 

To drink they keep it local using Brooklyn Roasters for their coffee to wash their Donuts and Epic Egg Sandwich down in a bright open airy space with friendly service. Add Du’s to your Donuts, Coffee spots, and Best Breakfast Sandwiches lists. 

Du’s Donuts is located at 107 North 12th Street 

Barn Joo Epic Korean GastroPub in Union Square

The former Heartland Brewery in Union Square is now Barn Joo a great Korean Gastropub serving a mix of Tapas, Starters, Entrees, and Korean BBQ (upstairs) with a full bar. The space is rather good looking for a Korean version of a Japanese Itzakaya.  

I started with their Serrano Margarita which of note for those who love the heat…it lives up to its name. They have a large varied selection of Tapas and starters thus making it a tough choice. Since I haven’t had Beef Tartare with quail egg in a while and figured it was a good way to test the kitchens quality of ingredients. It  passed with flying colors.

Since we could not agree on anything to share my friend went wit the Steamed Fish Buns. At $16 for two I though a little pricy, but he devoured them. 

That Margarita really had some heat to it so I needed a beer to cool things down. A bud of mine turned me onto local CT brewery Two Roads so when I saw their Hefewisen on tap the decision was easypeasy…so to speak.  

The menu here is pretty large but The Scallops with Corn and Chili peppers caught my eye, plus starting with the Tartare made for a Korean twist on Surf n Turf. They were perfectly prepared, the corn being sweet with the chili peppers  giving some heat making a great taste sensation.  
My bud went with the Short Ribs with Sweet Potatoes which were juicy, meaty and flavorful. 

Barn Joo is a great new spot for drinks, a nibble before a flick or a full dinner. Of note, they have a Happy Hour. Add this spot to your GastroPub list. 

Barn Joo is located at 35 Union Square West