Circa Brewing Company’s Craft Beer and Pizza Happy Hour

Craving great Craft Beer and brick oven Pizza’s in the same spot? Circa Brewing recently opened up a beautiful huge space that would be great for a group or even a date (not a first, unless of course they really love Pizza and Beer). They also have a nice selection of Cocktails and Wines. 
I enjoyed their Rotator IPA, it had a nice citrus hop to it and their Berliner Weiss had a Gose thing going on…which I loved. At Happy Hour (I believe 5-7 but may start a bit earlier) you get two Beers (or Wines) 
with a Margarita Pizza all for $20.00. While the beer is the star here, Circa’s thin crust Pizza’s are very good. Add this spot to your Craft Beers of Brooklyn list. 

Circa Brewing Company is located at 141 Lawrence Street in Brooklyn 


Wasabi Sushi and Bento – Tokyo Station Style Food Lands in Penn Station 

Tokyo Station Style (this translates to fresh and tasty) food recently arrived in Penn Station from a London based chain started by a Korean entrepreneur. Talk about being Global. If you ever craved Sushi before jumping on a train at Penn Station, your prayers have been answered. 

This Japanese “Quick Food” chain offers surprisingly good Sushi, Salads, and a number of cooked goods including breakfast. They offer a number of Flavored Iced Teas to go with your meal. Wasabi reminded me of spots in Tokyo…but with a lot more seating.

Salmon is the star of most of the Sushi Bento boxes, though they offer a number of rolls and Tuna by the piece. If you’re looking for something tasty, healthy, and fairly priced believe it or not…you have a go-to spot in Penn Station finally. 

Wasabi Sushi and Bento is located in Penn Station 

&Pizza of D.C Lands in NYC for Tasty Make Your Own Pizza and Craft Soda’s

Out of D.C. this “Quick-Food” Flat Bread &Pizza franchise makes even by this jaded New Yorker’s standards some pretty tasty Pizza. I was invited here by Trip.Com a Travel Website/App I contribute to for a group dinner. 

&Pizza has worked this out to a science on how to roll out oblong Pizza’s at $10* whether it’s one of theirs, your creation loaded with toppings or with few. While some of their combo’s sounded good…there was no way I wasn’t going to create by own with so many to choose from. *With few exceptions choose as many as you want.  

For my creation I choose the Classic Bread and topped it with Spicy tomato and some Pesto sauce.  I added Pepperoni and Salami for my meats, fresh Mozzarella for my cheese and a number of veggies including Spinach, Mushrooms and Banana peppers, then sprinkled some fresh Basil and Hot Honey to finish it off.

The picture speaks for itself and the quality of the ingredients was pleasantly surprising for the price. 

To drink they offer some very good Sugar-Cane based not your typical flavored sodas. I don’t drink soda often but these were really good. I made a soda cocktail with 3/4 Burdock and Anise Rootbeer with 1/4 Cherry Cola…Yum. 

&Pizza is located at 15 West 28th Street

@MilkMade Ice Cream @_MamanNYC_ Pop-Up

I was going to get a cup of Coffee at Maman when I noticed  Marche’ Maman their new Dry Goods/Restaurant space attached to the Cafe/Bakery. It was here I stumbled upon Milk Made, some of the best Ice Cream I’ve had in my life and I’ve had a lot. Plus I’m a bit of an ice cream(fell free to add….) snob and this stuff blew me away. 

From Milk Made’s well curated selection of nine flavors(some created exclusively for Maman) I tried their twist on Rocky Road with Marzipan Ice Cream, Chocolate Chips and Marshmallow swirls that they call Rock, Rock, Rockaway Road and their version of Mint Chip made with Basil (same family as Mint) called Gotham Mint Chip (must be Bruce Wayne’s favorite flavor). 
I completely broke down getting the Rockaway in a Blue Corn cone from @Konery (they were out of pints) and took home a pint of Batman’s fave flavor. I’ll be back for more and you have till October 15 before you need to Trek out to Brooklyn. 

Milk Made Pop-Up is located at Marche’ Maman 239 Centre Street open till October 15th. The main location located at 224 Sackett Street in Carrol Gardens is open year round. Now what subway do I need to take to get there? 

Hanoi House Pho Delicieux Vietnemese Cuisine 

 I love Vietnamese food and with all the hype and raves Hanoi House has received it was about time I got around to trying it out. It lives up to the hype with some very tasty dishes. Their Pho really stands out and make sure you save some room for their Che Sundae.

They have a small yet nice selection of Craft beers, I went with Three’s Brewery’s Saison. I almost always start with Shrimp Summer Rolls, but at Hanoi House they use sweet pork sausage rolled with mint, thai basil, crispy wonton with a peanut hoisin sauce dipping sauce.

I have to admit Pig Ears didn’t exactly entice me…but when told to think bacon I gave their Papaya and Crispy Pig Ears a shot. Turns out as long as you enjoy Papaya salads this mix of the aforementioned ingredients along with watercress, cucumber, toasted peanuts, and shallots in a sweet soy based dressing was pretty tasty. 

Their Hanoi Style Pho featuring a sixteen hour broth with heritage Black Angus filet mignon, brisket and rice noodles was much richer than most I’ve had. 

To go green and be healthy and live up to my words to an ex-GF…that yes in addition to all the Ice Cream and sweets I write about I eat a lot of Greens. We ordered up the Morning Glory, Water Spinach bathed in brown butter fish sauce and garlic. 

For desert, hey they have an Ice Cream desert they get rave reviews for, thus in the name of Science I tried their Che’ Ice Cream Sundae. It layers Condensed Milk and Coconut over Black Sesame Gelato with crushed peanuts, candied ginger, jelly candies, and lychee fruit. Though sounds a little odd it’s pretty tasty. 

I would definitely add this to your Vietnamese and Desert spots to hit lists. 

Hanoi House is located at 119 Saint Marks Place. 

IV New York Gallery + @Whalebone Grand Opening: Montauk Lands in Chelsea 

I knew if Raphael Marzucco’s work was going to be featured then IV New York’s grand opening was going to have some amazing Artwork with a good looking electric crowd filling up the room. Needless to say, it met and exceeded expectations. 

Below are my favorite pieces from Raphael along with a piece from Robert Mango I really liked. The space is is huge with lots of wall space along with some separate intimate rooms making it ideal for events. To add to the atmosphere the Gallery enlisted DJ Bouboulena to rock their house.

Of special note, Whalebone is involved with the gallery. I become a huge fan of their magazine from their Spring issue on Pizza and their Summer Water issue. I’m very interested to see how this collaboration develops. 
Here’s looking forward to the next IV New York Gallery event. 

IV New York Gallery is located at 231 10th Avenue 

Industry City Brooklyn Food Tour…Got Wood? 

I was recently invited by Urban Adventures for a tour of Industry City. Of note they are currently fine tuning this tour and are looking to make it a mix of local Industry City craft goods with some food stops. I made a few additional food stops to flesh it out. I for the record was pretty blown away by this new Food Hall, which I only got a taste of…so to speak.

Our first stop was at the Lic-Lac Chocolate originally out of Greenwich Village. The factory/ store makes some of my favorite chocolates. I needed coffee and we came upon Avocaderia. Though known for their salads and smoothies they have your usual coffee bean suspects.
We popped into the IC Store by Wanted Design. They carry a number of goods made in Industry City like Candles, Jewlery, lighting etc…as well as carefully curated how end Gift/Home items.

Next up was Ends Meat a Butcher Shop that works with locally sourced NY farms. We enjoyed a tasting of their Salumi and Salami (salami are from ground meats while salumi are not). The dry aged burgers looked great and I picked some up to cook up at home. They turned out to be pretty awesome.

We had some time before our next spot and right next store was Table 87 Pizza. The large slices of brick oven pizza made in a 1000 degree plus oven drew me in. Thought the pepperoni and sausage slices looked awesome…after my Salumi tasting at Ends Meat I decided some veggies were in order, plus just look at that superior veggie slice.

Now that it was noon and Blue Marble Ice Cream was open we all had a tough decision to make. Which of these tasty sounding flavors to go with? I went Cajeta Sesame which was pretty yummy.

The last stop on the tour was with Wartega Brewery. Merlin the owner gave us a tour and we sampled a couple of his magical brews. The Amber Ale was a nice easy drinking brew. The Farmhouse Ale was interesting with tropical notes along with a melon finish. I liked it, but it’s the kind of beer I would enjoy one of vs the Amber which one could enjoy over the course of a game.

Once the tour was finished just before I jumped on the N/R I hit Ines Bakery a Mexican bakery where many treats are only $1.00. The rice pudding stuffed empanada caught my eye.


Of note, I do want to give an honorable mention to Mason’s Woodworks LLC a Woodworking Shop we stopped by early on. The owner Bob Mason a former actor turned Carpenter makes high end kitchens and the like. He’s quite a character and does some beautiful work, so I wanted to mention him since he was gracious enough to show us his shop and share some stories with us.

Industry City is located by the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal in Greenwood Brooklyn.

@CaffeMarchio Roman Style Ice Coffee a la Danny Meyer 

Looking for the next cool brew? Caffe Marchio Danny Meyer’s new Roman style coffee bar in the Redbury Hotel serves up an amazing Granita di Caffe which I can guarantee is unlike any Iced Coffee you’ve had in NYC before.

Instead of a huge cup of Cold Brewed coffee, at Caffe Marchio it’s served in a petite glass with a layer of cream topped with a granita of shaved ice frozen espresso topped with more of that delizioso fresh cream.


In a nutshell I wish this opened up earlier in the Summer but it is so good I’ll be back for more as long as they keep serving it.

In addition to this delicious brew Caffe Marchio offers an assortment of Italian Pastries and Sandwiches as well as a limited Wine and Cocktail menu. Their Iced Negroni pop is up next on my list…though those egg sandwiches looked pretty tasty too.

Caffe Marchio is located at 30 East 30th Street

@ConeyIslandArtWalls Tacos, Gelato and Mermaid Brews 


Coney Island

I love Street Art and when I read about the ConeyIslandArtWalls project I needed to check it out. The last time I remember being in Coney Island I was in my teens (and screaming like a little girl being hurled around by the Cyclone).  Getting off the N/Q was like stepping back in time, long before my Teens. The last time I felt like this was my recent trip to Havana, Cuba. Though Communists don’t seem to like Amusement parks, they prefer statues. 


Seeing some chain restaurants almost snaps you back to the 21st Century but then the amusement rides towering over them and the original Nathan’s snap you right back. I couldn’t believe the size and diversity of the menu they have now, Lobster Rolls, Burgers, etc?!? It actually took a while to find Hot Dogs up on the Menu board. However since I grew up on Nathan’s hot dogs I decided to walk around and found a Taco stand.


Dona Zita

There were a number of people eating at their outdoor tables at 2:30pm, a good sign. Dona Zita’s Tacos were huge, tasty only $3.50. I had their Carnitas and the Spicy Beef. Oddly enough considering they are right off the beach with most spots serving Seafood they do have have Fish Tacos.


Fully saited, I walked across the street to check out the StreetArt at the ConeyIslandArtWalls which was pretty awesome. Below are some of my faves. The amusement rides in the background really added to the shots.

Now it was time to hit the Riegelmann boardwalk and try the Gelato at Coney’s Cones. I went for two scoops for $6 and choose the Pistachio and Hazelnut Crunch which were Yummy. They packed the cup which on the one hand was good, on the other…it melted onto my hands as I walked along having to stop and yes…lick my fingers.


Coney’s Cones

I came upon the NY Aquarium which is being redone, though some of it is open. I loved their  thought provoking murals they are putting up showing how we are destroying the ocean. I think showing the children of this generation the damage past  have done will hopefully get them to change direction and make climate change an old political argument vs a problem.

It was time for a beverage and though there are places along the boardwalk, just one Avenue over on Surf where the Cyclones play is the Coney Island Brewery. There’s a small bar inside but you will want to grab your brew and grab a sit at one of the picnic tables outside to enjoy your local brew.


Coney Island Brewery

Of note, people watching in Coney Island is fairly interesting and entertaining. If you are into portrait photography or like to capture eclectic people in your Street snaps jump on the N/Q get off at Coney Island/Stillwell Avenue and get ready to snap away.


Coney Island

Amorino’s Rose Petaled #Gelato 

 I scream, you scream, we all scream for Italian style Ice Cream…Gelato! A friend from work turned me onto this place recently when I asked how about a coffee break and she suggested a Gelato break. Amorino offers a large assortment of flavors consisting of nuts and fruits sourced from all natural ingredients. 
While of high quality and delicious as is what sets Amorino apart is the rose shaped multi flavored cones they offer. On a take from the Japanese, it’s not only the quality of the food, but the presentation. 

Part of the fun is coming up with the just right combo of flavors for your Rose petaled shaped cone. From their large selection of flavors I combined Amarena(Cream with Cherries) with Pistachio and the L’Inimitabile (Chocolate and Hazelnut). It turned out to be the best combo of flavors, everybody loved it, everyone agreed that combo was better than all the others.                                                
Remember to be responsible and eat Gelato in moderation…you don’t want to turn into a Gelato Godzilla like  monster😜

Amorino is located at 721 8th Avenue, additional venues in NYC and locations around the world