Claw Daddy’s Big Easy Taste of Cajun-Creole in NYC’s LES

Love Cajun and Creole food, but you’re kinda have trouble finding it in NYC? Claw Daddy’s in the LES offers a full menu of Louisiana “seafood boils” and all the classic sides to make you feel like you’re in the Big Easy.


To start we ordered up the Seafood Nachos that are topped with seafood chili, cheese, jalapeños and we added some guac. This was both delicious and a new taste sensation.

For our sides we choose Jambalaya with Sausage, their Gumbo with Shrimp, and Spinach for something green. Of note, their food is pretty spicy.


For our main we went with a pound of Shrimp and Corn on the Cob in Claw Daddy’s Louisiana boil House Special (a mix of Cajun, cheese, garlic, butter and more) sauce which is pretty awesome. Use the gloves!

Service wise our experience was less than spectacular. Actually worst I’ve had in a while. Though in all fairness when we did wave someone else over for something they were prompt and I noticed another waitress on top of her game. So I don’t think its fair to knock the entire restaurant for the act of one.

For the the record, regardless I loved the food and I definitely recommend the place and will go back…if they let me back in that is.


Claw Daddy’s NYC is located at 185 Orchard Street


Emmett’s Italian Beef, Chicago Style

Have you ever had a Chicago style Italian Beef sandwich? For reasons beyond me this Chicago classic is near impossible to find in NYC( yet their deep dish pizza has been here for years). Thin sliced well seasoned roast beef is served hot with a gravy made from its juices and topped with a giardiniera (pickled veggies)salad.

One of the few places to find an authentic one is Emmett’s. Their version is so big and the bread so soaked in jus you pretty much need to eat it with a folk. I had mine topped with provolone (mozz available as well) and their.

Emmett’s serves these belly busters with either a side of fries or a salad. I went big with the fries…and they are very good. Though the next time I think I’ll go salad to attempt to be healthy.

They have a nice selection of craft beers to wash it all down with. I’ll definitely be back for another one if these amazing sandwiches…though maybe I’ll give their take on Chicago style pizza a try next time as well.

Emmett’s is located at 50 MacDougal Street

@KoioCollective Sneakers for those with Sprezzatura

With the exception of canvas low tops that I use for the beach I generally don’t do “causal” sneakers. Yet even though I’m not the bullseye for Koio’s target market, when I saw their dark grey suede high tops I had to try a pair on.

Koio’s ultra luxe Suede high-tops (available as low as well) while not quite boots, are far more than sneakers. What hit me was stylewise how Italian they look and what I would expect one to put on to take their girl on their Vesper into town for a Negroni and a stroll around a Piazza or Art Gallery.

Thus its not surprising they are made in Italy by craftspeople using the finest materials. They are both very comfortable and well constructed, which cannot be said of for too many competitors in this space.

Thus, if shes not looking into your dreamy eyes while you’re speaking, don’t worry shes not looking at your pecs…shes looking at the Koio’s on your feet. Just imagine how happy you will make her…when you share they have a line for Women.

Though definitely built for wearing with jeans or chinos, one could likely rock these with a suit sans tie. Well if you have what the Italians call sprezzatura you can…

Koio is located at 199 Lafayette Street

Ippudo Fifth Avenue Ramen Kasane Style

Its getting cold outside, which means it’s Ramen season. Ippudo opened up this new location a couple of months ago and for those of you who work in the 40’s give or take an avenue from Fifth Ave rejoice.


Ippudo Fifth differentiates itself in that it does not offer traditional Tonoksu broth but a version called Kasane which is a mix of pork and chicken that is lighter than the Tonkotsu that most associate Ramen with.

Though lighter I still found it rich and flavorful, just not as heavy. I had their spicy version and they nailed just the right balance of heat and flavor.

While the bowl is good sized and will satisfy I highly recommend going with the set lunch for only $3 more. You get a bowl of rice with Unagi (Eel) or Karage (fried chicken). I had the Unagi which also of note has shredded egg, which while this might sound like an odd combo, totally works.

Service is prompt and very friendly and accommodating. Some time I’ll have to hit this spot when I can order their Whiskey Highballs on tap.


Ippudo Fifth Avenue is located at 24 West 46th Street

@Allbirds Pop-Up Soho NYC “Starry Nights”

I dare you, double, make that triple dare you to try on a pair of Allbirds and not walk out with a pair. 

The uppers and insoles are made of Merino Wool with flexible foam rubber blended soles that are untra comfy. While I wouldn’t replace my gym shoes with these, they are perfect for slapping on to go for a stroll, a casual night out or as your on the plane and out and about Travel shoe. 

Choose between Runners (lace- ups) or Loafers. I tried on both, liked both but felt the Runners would be more versatile. Though I’ll likely get a pair of their Loafers eventually. 

The store itself is pretty cool and even has a Human sized Hamster wheel to try out their shoes on. 

Your only question left now…is what color to go with? I went with the NYC exclusive Blue “Starry Night” model with black soles. 

Allbirds is a Pop-Up in NYC located at 68 Prince Street. 

Becky’s Bites NYC Epic BEC Cream Cheese Spread 

Ever get up in the morning and wake up to the following conundrum…Bacon,Eggs, and cheese or Cream Cheese and Tomato on a Bagel?  
Becky’s Bites NYC is all about Cream Cheese as the base for sweets as bite sized treats, desert cups and savory and sweet spreads. 

As for the solution to the above conundrum the BEC a cream cheese blended with eggs, bacon and what seems like a touch of tomato flavor is pretty amazing. As in why didn’t anyone ever think 🤔 f this before?!? 

Spread the BEC on one of their Bagel Sticks or if your watching your carbs a mini bagel. 
Becky’s Bites NYC is located at 122 East 7th Street 

Interboro Spirts and Ales Brewery and Distillery 

Just a couple of blocks off of the Grand Street L stop is not only another great Brooklyn Craft Beer Brewery…Interboro also distills their own own Gins, Whiskeys and more. The space inside is rustic and cool and perfect for a pint or few. 
Interboro rotates about a dozen brews on tap and their beverages are pretty unique. They also offer cocktails made from their Gins, Whiskeys, etc.

I went with a flight so I could get a good sampling of their work. Their Jackie Rob a Double IPA was bursting with mint, the Double Dead Bent a classic Pilsner, Sessioner was a great Farmhouse Ale and the Mixed Jankers, my fave a Gose. 

If you’re a Craft Beer kinda guy or gal I highly recommend making the easy trek out on the L to this great brewery. Of note, the offer 4 packs and Growlers to go. I’ll be back for more of their beers and try out their Spirits. Specials thanks to Urban Adventures for setting this up #BestDayEver

Interboro Spirits and Ales is located at 642 Grand Street in Brooklyn. 

Tacombi Flatiron Campechanos #Tacos

I love Tacos and have been a fan of Tacombi’s for years. Recently I hit their Flatiron location where I can upon Campechanos on the menu. These are Monterey Style Tacos made with flour vs corn tortillas and layered with black beans and Chorizo as a base.  Then you top them with either Shrimp or Black Angus Beef. 

I decided to go Black Angus and really enjoyed it…but how could I not since it had Chorizo layered underneath the beef. Their Al Pastor is classic as well…which brings to mind…

…How did Pineapple end up on Al Pastor Tacos? Of note, Pineapple are not indigenous to Mexico… 

Tacombi Flatiron is located at 30 West 24th Street

SuperMoon Bakehouse’s Wild Croissants and Donuts

Quite simply Supermoon’s Pistachio Rose custard croissant is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. If you love pistachio flavored treats you must go get one. Their White Chocolate Macha cream and Lemon jelly Donut was pretty damn good as well. 

Out of San Francisco’s Mr.Holmes comes Pasty Chef Ry Stephen’s first East coast location down in the LES. They offer about 10 Pastries daily that include sweet donuts and croissants as well as some savory ones (their version of the NY Classic Bagel with Lox and Cream Cheese done as a croissant). 

Not only are Supermoon’s baked good delicious, they truly are like nothing else out there. Be prepared to be blown away by these treats. If possible hit it during the week…since they sometimes sell out over the weekend. 

SuperMoon Bakehouse is located at 120 Rivington Street 

Circa Brewing Company’s Craft Beer and Pizza Happy Hour

Craving great Craft Beer and brick oven Pizza’s in the same spot? Circa Brewing recently opened up a beautiful huge space that would be great for a group or even a date (not a first, unless of course they really love Pizza and Beer). They also have a nice selection of Cocktails and Wines. 
I enjoyed their Rotator IPA, it had a nice citrus hop to it and their Berliner Weiss had a Gose thing going on…which I loved. At Happy Hour (I believe 5-7 but may start a bit earlier) you get two Beers (or Wines) 
with a Margarita Pizza all for $20.00. While the beer is the star here, Circa’s thin crust Pizza’s are very good. Add this spot to your Craft Beers of Brooklyn list. 

Circa Brewing Company is located at 141 Lawrence Street in Brooklyn