Mikey Likes It Ice Cream

Mikey's Mint with Fudge Brownies

Mikey’s Mint with Fudge Brownies

Local boy Michael “Mikey” Cole does good opening up a sweet little lce Cream shop in the East Village serving twists on classic flavors and coming up with some new ones. The night I went 2/3 of the flavors were already sold out! I tasted a couple of the chocolates and the Mint with Brownies. The Chocolates were good, but I’m a dark chocolate guy lately and these would appeal more to those who love Milk Chocolate. So I ordered up a pint of the Mint. I’ll be back to try Mikey’s take on Coconut and Banana Ice Cream and see what other flavors he has up his sleeve.

Micky Likes It Ice Cream is located at 199 Avenue A

Harry & Ida’s Meat and Supply Company

Harry & Ida's Pastrami

Harry & Ida’s Pastrami

Off the charts thick cut Pastrami is the star of Harry & Ida’s, the new old school East Village Sandwich Shop/General Store. Shelves of Preserves, Salsas, Hot Sauces, Bitters and pickled goods line the walls. Along with the Pastrami, Bacon, Country Ham, Smoked Eel, and Bluefish Salad are the highlights of the Sandwich menu(available by the pound as well). I picked up some of the Pastrami after a taste…no way I was walking out without some. They do not slice it sandwich thin here, they cut it like think cut Brisket. This stuff is the Filet Mignon of Pastrami. Of note, I usually like my Pastrami on Rye but I had a Sesame  Bagel from Black Seed on hand and with some of  Harry & Ida’s mustard slathered on it, A-mazing. I can’t wait to try their Bacon and explore their selves some more.

Harry & Ida’s is located at 189 Avenue A

@SketchBkProject :Brooklyn Art Library Presents Pazzi, Decastro, and Aun



Have you been to Brooklyn’s very own sketchbook library yet? The concept is this, you buy a blank sketchbook from them, choose from an assortment of topics, get sketching and then send it in. Then it gets sent around the county as part of a tour before becoming a part of the Library in Brooklyn. You can have it digitized as well. This past Tuesday three talented Artists presented their sketchbooks.

Alberto Pazzi hails from Mexico and sees himself not so much an Artist but as a Pirate. Not in the eye-patch and peg-leg sort of way but as in the learn as you go, trial and error vs traditional schooling model. As a kid instead of coloring books and crayons his Dad gave him blank paper and  pencils and said…”create your own pictures”. He did and now though his work he wants to make people laugh, think and connect

Karolleen Decosta recently moved from LA to NYC and discovered that the natives here walk the streets and take public transport to get around. Her sketchbook is based upon the sights, sounds and smells from her daily observations on the street, a new experience for this LA native. Of note, she runs a project called Side Hustle NYC for those of us who love to paint and sketch etc but have to work a profession to pay the bills. Looking forward to her next event…

Sonni Aun grew up all over the globe. She heard about the Sketchbook Project from an Art School friend. She’s fascinated by anatomy, science and the organic line between beauty and the grotesque. Would like to see her do some alien figures.

The concept of interpreting stories was a theme for all three artists…of capturing the moment. See the pics below to see samples of their works, get inspired, maybe do a sketchbook of your own, or just browse the amazing works from Artists from all around the world. Then ponder what kind of world we would live in if we as a species spent more time creating Art…than all the other less then productive things we do.

Btw you can check out my sketchbook(did it a few years ago, so may be time for another) “We Could be Heroes” at sketchbookproject.com/library  #S120921

The Sketchbook Project is located at 103A North 3rd Street, Williamsburg

Indie Fresh-Gluten and Dairy Free Soups, Smoothies and Salads

Indie Fresh

Indie Fresh

I was looking for something new at the Gotham West Market and came upon Indie Fresh. They offer gluten and dairy free Soups, Mashes(think stews) Broths, Salads and healthy Smoothies and Juices. The menu is fairly large and while trying to decide what to order the staff said they just opened and offered me a number of samples to help me decide. I tried the following;

Bison Meatballs with Cremini mushrooms and Quinoa. Delicious, earthy and filling

Bison Borscht -If you like beets order this

Cod Chowder- Cream-less yet delish

Turkey and Black Bean Chili-solid version of the dish

Pho Beef broth -All their broths are  liquefied versions of these soups, everything cooked down. Though very tasty I would have this as an appi before a main or salad

Almond Cocoa Nib Smoothie- I’m a milk guy, but have to admit this was tasty

Everything was delicious, but in the end it was the Bison Meatballs with the Mushrooms and Quinoa that won out. Of note, I’m not gluten nor daily free and I loved the stuff, so if you or a friend or loved one are you really need to check Indie Fresh out.

Indie Fresh

Indie Fresh

Indie Fresh is located at the Gotham West Market, 600 11th Avenue

Lan Sheng: Chinatown Style Szechuan in Midtown

Lan Sheng

Lan Sheng

I love it when a friend turns me onto a spot I haven’t been to yet. Recently I hit Lan Sheng for some authentic Chinatown style Szechuan in Midtown. The menu here is huge with plenty to choose from. After discussing hot or not(yes:) some fish, some dumplings, something healthily and oh…some pork!, my bud called the waiter over and in Chinese ordered up the food. We started with their thinly sliced Pork Belly served cold and spicy with cucumber. First time I’ve ever had this dish and was impressed how tasty it was cold. Next up a steaming bowl of Fillet of Fish and hot peppers in the House Spicy broth. Awesome. To keep it healthy a side of Snow Pea leaves which were fresh and tasty. We finished with a rather large order of Soup Dumplings which were pretty good. Definitely need to come back and explore this menu further….

Lan Sheng

Lan Sheng

Lan Sheng

Lan Sheng

Lan Sheng is located at 60 West 39th Street

Best Sandwiches Summer 2015

The Butt/Untamed Sandwich

The Butt/Untamed Sandwich

This Summer take advantage of NYC’s amazing multicultural food scene with these amazing non-traditional sandwiches as well as some classics to keep you energized when you’re at the Beach, the Park, you’re favorite outdoor spots.

The Sabich -My favorite of the Middle Eastern pita sandwiches, a combo of  Eggplant, Humus, hard boiled egg, pickles and tahini, I like Nish Nush (88 Reade Street) and Taim’s (45 Spring Street). Top it with some Shrug, Middle Eastern hot sauce.

Adana Grill’s Lamb Doner, Loads of tasty, juicy lamb meat topped with salad and hot and white sauce. Wash it down with a Tamak Sour Cherry juice. 723 3rd Avenue

Untamed Sandwich -Their The Butt, Cider braised Pork with Broccoli Rabe, pepper jelly and Cheddar was both awesome and a great example of their twists on the not so humble sandwich .43 West 39th Street

Pig Guy NYC-  Love their Chorizo Hot Dog w/Chimmichurri, red onions and crema. Mac and cheese is a must have side here. Of course you really need a side slab of one of their Bacon’s, my fave the Maple Sriracha glazed.Yum:) Gansevoort Market, 52 Gansevoort Street

DiPalo’s I come here for their handmade Mozz balls, Meatballs, Homemade sauce and  tasty Italian deli goodies. Their Italian Combo on Foccacia, a mix of high quality Italian meats and cheeses is the perfect grab and go. 200 Grand Street

Miracle at Brand’s– Their All American is a classic on roids! Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham and American cheese with L&T and mayo on a hero. Here they make them  big…as in epic big so eat it and two sessions while working on your tan.44 West Park Avenue Long Beach, NY

City Sandwich’s Roberto. This NyPortoiIal sandwich shops Tuesday special, marinated Pig,Portuguese style bacon, caramelized onions and Jalapenos with a splash of olive oil. 649 9th Avenue

Abe’s Pitaria–  Chicken Israeli, Chunks of tender chicken with Israeli salad and tahini in pita. Ask for their homemade hot sauce. 32 West Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY

Eons Healthy Pita’s , I load mine up with Lamb, Beet salad, Greek salad and Feta spread. 633 2nd Avenue

Baz Bagel- The Pretty in Pink is a beautiful combo of Nova Lox with fresh dill draped over Beet Horseradish Cream Cheese on a Pumpernickel Everything bagel(I added sliced tomato) open faced. Served with a side(Cole slaw, potato salad or fruit salad) and a pickle. Baz Is located at 181 Grand Street

Baz Bagel Pig Guy NYC Adana Grill

#Greenpoint #Brooklyn Pub Crawl


I existed the L train, looked out upon the horizon…then like Erik the Red, I headed off into uncharted territory looking for mead. I ventured into storied Greenpoint, the land beyond Wlliamsburg! After crossing McCarren Park we espied Spritzenhaus (33 Nassau Ave) a huge German Beer Hall with a large selection of beers on tap and in bottles(they also have a large Brat selection that I will have to sample another time). We bellied up to one of the bars and drank Founders Nitro and Simple Sour. We then headed back over to Bedford and hit Nights and Weekends (1 Bedford Avenue) a small quirky place with a Latin food menu and a rather large selection of beverages to concoct cocktails. I opted for a Raspberry Wheat Red Road. They keep it real here playing vinyl records.

Next up was a huge stumble…the Keg and Lantern Brewing Company (97 Nassau Avenue) a great pub with walls lined with beer cans  that brews their own beers, carries a large selections in bottles along with a full menu. We drank their tasty Sunset Saison while we cheered on with the locals drinking Polish beer for the US women’s soccer team as they played (and beat) China. Very close by is Torst,(615 Manhattan Avenue) the “Thinking Man’s” beer bar. They serve their beer here like wine in 3 pour size options($4/8/12). We drank Son of Berserker, I Love You(Stouts) and Ume Plum Salt…which was both a rather unique and delicious brew.

It was well past time to grab a bite and trying to decide where to go we saw suits of armor and a name we couldn’t pronounce Krolewskie Jadlo(694 Manhattan Avenue). Inside were pretty girls eating huge plates of hearty Polish fare while paintings of Polish Kings that all looked like Vlad the Impaler looked on… How could we not eat here? Bread with a “spread” and dill pickles came to the table. The spread was rather tasty and savory, it turned out to be pork fat…does a body good. I ordered the Stuffed Boar with Tarragon mashed potatoes with a Zywiee beer and my Cuz the Polish Sampler(sausage, stuffed cabbage, beef pierogies, and potatoes pancakes). Portions are large, the food tasty and the the prices gentle. Most entrees are $15 with appi’s in the $6-8 range.

We then headed on to Dirck the Norseman (7 N 15th Street at Franklin Street) a huge spot with a giant bar that takes up a large amount of the space. Tables inside and out, an in-house brewery, The Greenpoint Beer and Ale Company and they even get live bands. We ordered up When Life Hands You…a tasty brew. On the way to the L to call it a night we walked by The Gorbels (98 N 6th Street) and popped up to check it out. Six flights of stairs  later I needed a drink(of note, there is an elevator, which we found leaving of course)…after a night of beers for a nightcap I went frozen with their Jet Pilot, a blend of light and dark rum, cachaca, lime, lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon, and mint. Tasty…it crushed me. I wonder if Erik the Red felt this wonderful the next day. Though I’m guessing he too was up for further exploration….

Sleepy Jones PJ’s, Boxers, and Lounge-wear

Sleepy Jones Waves Sleepy Jones

Walking along Howard Street on a grey Fall day in June(it was one of those days that you look out your window and wonder “if I get out of bed…should I go any further then my couch”? ) I wandered into Sleepy Jones. They specialize in PJ’s for men and women with a growing line of under-garments. They also have tee’s and sweats…through I imagine these are more for lounging around with rather then pursuing anything that will make you sweat much.

I purchased a pair of their new Wave patterned boxers (also available as PJ ‘s). The cut of the boxers is European, meaning if you’re American Beef and Milk built, even if lean and mean you likely(Read: you will) need to buy a size up. Of note, they also carry some soaps and toiletries including Harry’s Shaving sets. The staff is friendly and couldn’t have been more appropriately attired, they were wearing PJ’s.

Sleepy Jones is located at 25 Howard Street




#MarilynMonroe Retrospective @ThePopGallery

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

The works of 7 Photographers celebrating Marilyn Monroe’s June Birthday are being featured at Pop International Galleries. They include the very early works by Andre de Dienes which are some of my favorites all the way up to what I believe are the very last taken by George Barris  just two weeks before her death. In addition there are some Warhol and Peters Mars pieces due to her iconic Pop Art star status.

While discussing the Dienes works with one of the Art Consultants Alexandra,  I shared how I believed that Marilyn in her photos made you not only desire her, but also I’ve always felt looking at her pictures that you want to protect her as well. She was simultaneously oozing sensuality and vulnerability with as Alexis noted maybe just a bit of danger in her eyes as well…

Pop International Galleries is located at 473 West Broadway

City Sandwich’s “ItaLisboNyorker” Style Sandwiches

Roberto-City Sandwich

For what sounds like a typical corner Deli, City Sandwich, the  love child of Portuguese, Italian and NYC influences and ingredients makes some fairly awesome sandwiches. Like their mixed heritage these are like the Brazilian Supermodels of sandwiches, with enough meat(fish,eggs,veggies) to fill them out right and just the right balance of veggies, cheeses and condiments to round them out.

The sandwiches are split into three groups on the menu, those with meat(red), no meat(though many with seafood(green) and egg based sandwiches (white). Sandwiches are available as a salad if do desired. However, the bread here is phenomenal so if your going to eat bread, eat it here(plus they scoop the insides out anyhow). Also of note, they don’t use heavy condiments like mayo here, it’s either a splash of olive oil or a dash of yogurt  sauce.

I went on a Tuesday and had their special the Roberto, a combo of marinated Pig, Portuguese bacon, spinach, caramelized onions, jalapenos and a splash of olive oil. While not the lightest sandwich on the menu the balance of flavors made one awesome sandwich. Size wise it’s medium by NYC standards, though they are filling. Maybe get a soup or kale salad. The tomato is very good and I’m looking forward for their Gazpacho. For desert their Pastel De Crema(like Flan) are delicious and if you like cinnamon I highly recommend getting one.

City Sandwich is located at 649 9th Avenue