Fall 2015 Favorite Finds


The collection below is an eclectic mix of tasty food, beverages, Art Supplies, and clothing I’ve come across recently. 

Arepas and Mint Cucumber Juice at Arepa Factory. Larger then usual Arepas with a huge assortment to choose from. 
Balcones Baby Blue, Blue Corn Whiskey. I’ve never tasted anything quite like this before…in a class of its own. Tastes like butterscotch and corn with a bit of a burn. Simply intoxicating. Available at Astor Wines and Spirits.  
Bowery Jacket at Aether. While Fall is almost going to be Winter, this perfect Fall Jacket will be great for Traveling and for Spring. Plus love the gear here. 

The Bagel Store’s Spinach and Parmesan bagel (See opening pic, of note,DiPalo of Grand Street Meatballs and Michael’s of Brooklyn sauce used and made at home with their bagel) and the BEC…Bacon, Egg and Cheese which is loaded with bacon! 

Dark Coconut Beer by Oscar Blues at Good Beer NYC. If you love Coconut they nailed the flavor …this would be perfect with spicy Thai food. Plus you can buy a beer here and drink it while shopping for more beer!:) 
Joe and the Juice…while they do have good coffee, juices, shakes( like the Banana Mint) and sandwiches(Go spicy Tuna) it’s the combination of location on Spring Street, the size and layout if the space and the people watching that make this a new coffee house fave 
Onepiece- simply the concept of “onesies” for adults cracks me up. Plus the fact that anytime I show the website to anyone they don’t think I’m nuts, they think they may want one. Though one friend was upset they don’t come with feetsies…can’t make this stuff up 
Patzeria Perfect Pizza …lives up to the name especially the spinach and garlic and sausage and peppers slices. Awesome hungry-man sized Heroes as well.  
Poke at Sons of Thunder. It’s the Hawaiian version of Sushi. Available here as Ahi Tuna, Salmon, or Octopus in a soy based or spicy mayo sauce over rice (brown or white) with salad. They also have great Hot Dogs with toppings. 

Rosemary Paintbrushes at Jerry’s Art Palette. These brushes have been “game changers” for me. 

Smackery’s Green Apple crisp cookies with cinnamon, salted caramel and White Chocolate and the Graceland, Bacon, Peanut Butter Banana, and Chocolate chips.   

Stabilo CarbOthello pastel pencils in Captum Motrin and White to draw in the Chiaroscuro style. Available at Blick/Uretch Art supplies. 


Arepa Factory’s Venezuelan Arepas with a Global Spin    

Craving a sandwich, but something new and different I heard about a new Arepa spot and set off to check it out. Arepa Factory’s are Venezuelan style and are considerably larger than most I’ve had. These are about sandwich sized and stuffed full of ingredients. Choices are many here and deciding between one stuffed with chorizo vs ceviche or lobster vs beef or coconut lamb is no easy task.

There are almost two dozen to choose from and if so desire you can create your own from a number of ingredients that include avocado, plantains, Guayanes Cheese, and sauces like Cilantro Pesto, Pineappe Chutney and Picante. They have some flavored Arepas like Spinach that I’ll need to try on another visit.

The Pabellon with shredded beef, black beans, plantains and Guayanes cheese topped with Cilantro Pesto had my name all over it. It was fairly large, the ingredients were all fresh, tasty and this combo does make for a new taste sensation.

To drink my eyes locked on the dark green cucumber mint drink which was delish. A variety of juices, coffee beverages and sodas, are also available.

The space is small so it’s primarily for take out, though there are some tables in the back and some counter seating. Monica the Owner and Raphael the Chef are great and very enthusiastic about their new place and take Global take on Arepas. The real question here is, what am I going to have on my next visit?

 Arepa Factory is located at 147 Avenue A

Rosamunde Sausage and Beers on South Bedford 

While doing some exploring on the southern end of Bedford I came upon Rosamunde Sausage Grill. Looking in I saw a very long bar with about two dozen beers on tap (more in bottles plus a full bar),Butcher block tables with benches and others with high stools and the NFL games on, so I popped in. 

Bellying up to the bar I grabbed a menu and found well over a dozen sausages to choose from including, surprisingly a number of vegan choices. After perusing the Beer selection I decided on the Peak Organic White Nitro, I’m sure there were better choices for a hearty sausage sandwich, but it sounded good and was really refreshing.

It was a tough call between the cheddar brat, the chicken black cherry and the wild boar. I went cheddar brat topped with spicy chili and sauerkraut (peppers and grilled onions abated hot as toppings as well. The sausage was big, tasty and juicy(and hard writing that with a straight face), the Chilli was all beef and very good and the fresh French bread held everything together just right. A great spot for craft beers, pub grub and to catch a game. 

Roseamunde Sagage Grill is located at 285 Besford Avenue 

Onepiece of Norway Pops up on Spring Street

Are New Yorkers ready for “onesies” for Adults? Onepiece of Norway believes so and recently opened up a pop-up on the corner of Spring Street and Lafayette.

Dubbed “Slackerwear” the collection is primarily zippered unisex Hoodie Jumpsuits. For those who prefer twosies to onesies they have hoodies, sweatpants, T’s and a new line of underwear.

As of this writing I have yet to try one on. I’m still trying to decide that if I slip into one on a cold day and hit the couch on a Sunday/day off will I get off it for anything aside from biological necessities. Would you?

Onepiece of Norway is located at 63 Spring Street until January 15, 2016

Noah Menswear Opens in Nolita 

When exactly did we go from being Hunter-Gatherers to in-debt Consumers? That is pretty much the question that Brandon Babenzein of Supreme fame is looking to adress with his new line Noah. 

The space looks like a cool den with a big comfy couch and some upscale trendy magazines. Knit hats, Baseball caps, T shirts, Logo T-Shirts, Corduroy running shorts, CPO Jackets, Flannels, Jewelry etc adorn the walls in shelves and on racks. 

While looking at one of the T-Shirts price tags I noticed that printed on it was 100,000,000 Sharks are killed every year. Which is startling considering more people die by selfie than Shark attacks(google it for yourself). 

This started a conversation with Brandon on conspicuous consumption vs fewer quality pieces, about production in NY vs sweatshops in the third world countries, about employing people to give them skills for a career not just a paycheck.

Is Noah the future of retail…to be determined. I hope it’s at least a move in the right direction. 

Noah is located at 195 Mulberry Street  

#MacaronCafe ‘s Delicieuses Friandises Exquises 

  Heading across town to hop on the LIRR as I cut across West 36th I see a sign…Macarons Cafe and I’m pulled right in and find myself in a huge cool looking space with a glass case full of eye popping colorful Macarons and a plate with samples. 

I look at the flavors, then try the Rose Lychee and I practically swoon as if kissed by the perfectly pert lips of Bond beauty Lea Seydoux. These Macarons are quite simply off the charts.

Macaron Cafe has in addition to classics like Pistachio and Raspberry, unique awesome flavors like the Rose Lychee, Honey Lavender and PB and J. Service is friendly and the space is huge with plenty of seating. One of the better if not best spots in this hood to sit,enjoy a coffee and a treat…just don’t forget to bring some home. 
 Macaron Cafe is located at 161 West 36th Street

Patzeria Perfect Pizza

Is that not the most beautiful slice of Spinach and Garlic Pizza you have ever seen? Walking in the rain looking for somewhere new (or at least new to me) I come upon Patzeria, a small hole in the wall old school pizza joint…but one look at their slices and I was in. 

I decide on the slice in the picture above that you are likely drooling over…though the sausage and peppers slices did look epic. However I was jonesing for a Chicken Parm hero so ordered that and ate the slice while waiting for it. 

The slice lived up to Patzeria’s full name…perfect and the spinach and garlic was as well. The Chicken Parm was big with fresh chicken breast, fresh mozzarella and their amazing sauce on a hero that held and meld all the ingredients together. One  of the best I’ve ever had…and I’ve eaten enough to earn connoisseur status:) 

Awesome slices of old school Pizza and superior heroes…a hole in the wall, but the type you brag/blog about…
 Patzeria Perfect Pizza is located at 231 West 46th Street 

Katsu Hama: Killer Katsu


Looking for somewhere nearby but not to far I remembered walking by a Katsu joint and thinking it’s about time to check it out. 

I knew I was in for a very good meal when the Miso soup arrived. Katsu Hama’s Miso Soup is very good, different than most I’ve had. Instead of tofu it had veggies. When I inquired the Chef simply pointed out that the Miso is just the broth,that veggies, tofu, radishes etc vary by the Chef. Of note you can get a free refill, which applies to the pickles and white rice. 

Katsu Hama’s menu consists primarily of Katsu, Curry’s and Donburi. I choose the basic Pork Katsu lunch special for my entree. It came out perfectly fried and served on a little grill on the plate to keep it greaseless. The other white meat is king here, though they are some chicken and seafood dishes. 

The dark interior, predominantly Asian clientele and vibe of the place make eating at Katsu Hama a transporting experience. You walk in from NY, enter Tokyo then step back into NYC. 
Katsu Hama is located at 11 East 47th Street

Sons of Thunder: Hawaiian Style Poke and Burger Shack 

On my way home after running into a bud and catching up over a beverage it hit me I didn’t have anything at home to cook. Not sure what I wanted I remembered walking by a place with Poke and Burgers on the menu named Sons of Thunders, their thing being locally sourced fresh and organic “quick” food. I headed over and it turned out that they had just opened. 

Poke is the star here and available with Ahi Tuna, Octopus, Salmon or Tofu vegetarian in either a soy based sauce or a spicy one(not hot but tasty) that is served on top of brown or white rice and greens for under $10 bucks! Though I was skeptical it was fresh and delish. 

The rest of the menu is comprised of Hot Dogs (Chili Cheese,Chicago and a Bahn Mi dog( 4.50). Chicken Sandwiches and Burgers(they were not available the day I went but will be added to the menu shortly)

I decided on a Bahn Mi hot dog to start and it was awesome. A high quality hot dog nestled in a soft just right bun and loaded with fresh carrots, jicama, cucumber, Jalapeño and cilantro with some mayo. 

For my entree I couldn’t decide between the Octopus recommended (which they gave me a sample and it was tasty) and the Ahi…luckily you can choose two if you so desire. For under $10 one of the best deals in the city. 

To drink Sons of Thunder has Lemonade, fountain sodas, milkshakes, milk and juices as well as a nice selection of beers on tap from Six Point and Brooklyn breweries as well as Saranac Root Beer. For desert, soft serve Ice Cream which I will have to swing back for. 
 Sons of Thunder is located at 204 East 38th Street 

Francois Fressinier’s City Girls @TweetMLG


Last week I hit Martin Lawrence Galleries premiere New York opening for Francois Fressinier’s new collection entitled City Girls. The works are a series of multimedia portrait pieces that medium wise are a combination of oil paint and mixed media. 

Francois is French born and bred and his works are heavily influenced by the Grand Masters and the architecture of ancient Europe while incorporating a modern Street Art esthetic to his portraits of beautiful women. 

His unique style is a superbly mixed cocktail of figurative portraiture, abstracts, a dash of color with a slice of impasto. 

City Girls are on view at Martin Lawrence Galleries located at 437 West Broadway