#Woodshoppe – Custom Tees and Streetwear 

It was the Silver Surfer tracksuit jacket that caught my eye…I just had to see what else was in-store…so to speak. 

Woodshoppe’s goods are a mix of custom made from “vintage” T’s and jerseys T-shirts and logo T’s that go under the BWOOD and PantyRaiders lines. The stuff is edgy and for some of the designs you better have the attitude and mojo to pull them off. 
Logo Tees are in the $50 plus range and customs go well up from there. But hey…are you going to wear a plain $20 tee with your selvage jeans? The tie dye with the wave and the heart and chain pieces are pretty cool and good entry points into the collection. 

I’m looking forward to see what new works come out of designer Brian Wood’s cool new LES brickNmortar Woodshoppe.

Woodshoppe is located at 147 Orchid Street. 

Cherry #RingDings @ Duane Park Patisserie and #Smorgasburg

Sometimes you come upon a treat that absolutely blows you away. In this case it was a twist on the childhood classic…Ring Dings. I was at Smorgasborg making the rounds checking out the new spots when I saw them in multiple flavors like …Pistachio Ring dings!?! Sold out bummer.

Only ones left, the Traditional and Cherry. Turned out that the Cherry were brand new and the regulars went for what they knew. Did they ever miss out. These taste like chocolate covered cherries in cake form…covered in chocolate. They absolutely nailed the Cherry flavor, not too sweet, not too tart. Perfect. 

Duane Park Patisserie is located at 179 Duane Street and at their outpost at Smorgasburg

Cherry Point: An American Brasserie in Greenpoint

After a hitting a number of spots in Greenpoint for beverages it was time for a bite to eat. While walking along Manhattan Ave came upon Cherry Point, a spot I recently read about and decided to pop in and check it out. Up front they have long beautiful copper topped bar which is where we grabbed seats. 

Although they have some interesting sounding cocktails and a nice Wine selection we decided to stick with beers and ordered up Greenport IPA’s. The food menu is made up of Charcuterie that is house made, starters and mains and a few specials. 
To start we shared the Grilled Oysters with smoked Rosemary hollandaise and black lime. I generally prefer my Oysters raw but these were only lightly grilled and the hollandaise was outrageous making these some of he best cooked bivalves I’ve had. 

For the main we split the special of the evening a Pork Porterhouse with potatoes and greens. Special in this case is quite the understatement. This needs to be put on the menu full-time in its own section on the menu. Absolutely succulent, juicy, my mouth still waters for it. It was so damn good that there wasn’t even any of the fat left. Don’t forget to request some toast to mop up the drippings…

Cherry Point is located at 664 Manhattan Ave 

BKW by Brooklyn Winery opens in Crown Heights

If you weren’t sure if Crown Heights was getting gentrified enough, BKW the sister restaurant bar to the Winery located in Williamsburg just opened up on Franklin Avenue. 

BKW is a beautiful spot for vino by the glass or bottle…you would swear you’re in Soho or TriBeCa. The Wines are great and produced by the Brooklyn Winery. The food menu looks good, food looks delicious, and on a recent visit was assured by a pretty cute local I was chatting up that I need to explore it. 

You can enjoy the wine by the glass, bottle and even buy bottles to go. Happy Hour has a selection of wines for $7:) and on Tuesdays they have specials on bottles.  

If you’re looking for a hot date spot in Crown Heights, a place to meet one or just to grab a glass a fine wine in Crown Heights, this is it. 
BKW by Brooklyn Winery is located at 747 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn 

@AlidoroNYC ‘s Epic Breakfast #Sandwiches

Alidoro’s, well known for their amazing Italian hero’s in Soho for years has recently opened up a sister location on East 39th Street. Now while of course you are going to come here for lunch…you need to start coming here for one or the best breakfast sandwiches in the city. 
They offer four to choose from, my fave being the Carlo, a poached egg with Porcheta, hot cherry pepper spread and piave cheese (an Italian cow’s milk)on brioche, on a subsequent visit I had the Maria with Gran Biscotto Ham and piave which pretty much blows away your typical ham, egg and cheese. 

I figured since it is only $3.50 I would need two, but I was assured one would be plenty which it was, plus delicious. Of course while waiting for it and seeing the baked goods I had to get a Nutella Alidoro, a donut twist filled with canolli cream or chocolate Nutella which is rather tasty. Of note, their Coffee is very good as well. 

The space is fairly large with community tables in the back if you’re going to eat in. The staff is great and very accommodating. Now I just need to get here for lunch for their awesome sandwiches…

Alidoro’s is located at 18 East 39th

Best New #Summer #Drinks 2016

It’s officially Summer and here are my favorite beverages to enjoy in a bar, on a roof or by the shore. 

Night and Weekends Salt and Ash is an epic twist on a Margarita. Mezcal, Grapefruit infused Tequila, Marachino and orange bitters make this a unique and delicious smokey cherry flavored sensation 

Vandal’s  Palinitas is a great spin on the spicy Margarita combining Mezcal with thail basil and grapefruit beer and bitters 

Kings County Distillery Grapefruit Jalapeño Whisky- remarkably smooth and tasty. Drink it straight up with water on the side.

El Senorio Silver– this Tequila takes like banana flavored melted marshmallows.  Go to or send someone to Tulum to get it for you. Sip it…sip it slow 

Rose chilled is the perfect Summer Wine. Now if I can just find a bottle of this great Rose from Marianne Vineyards outside of CapeTown in NYC…in the meantime I’ll enjoy bottles of Mas de Pampelonne from vineyards by Saint Tropez that I found in Murray Hill

Briney Melon Gose by Anderson Valley – my current favorite Summer brew. Bonus it comes in a can. I discovered it at Berg’n and found it by the six at Whole Foods.

Taim’s Ginger Mint Lemonade – no booze, just an awesome Israeli twist on Lemonade
Grady’s Cold Brew – My Iced Coffee of choice to make at home. Drop a shot of Vodka and a splash of half and half if “The Dude” drops by. Order it up on-line.

Frozen White Negroni – equal parts of Gin, Dolan Blanc Vermouth and substitute Campari with Tempus Fugit Kina, Suze or Bitterman’s Amere Sauvage…thrown in a blender with ice…top with a splash of Lavender Bitters and a wedge of grapefruit. A great twist on the classic. Available at Hunter’s Salon de Ciel. 

The Happiest Hour in (Key) West Village NYC 

Travel Massive in conjunction with the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, Florida recently had a fun event to celebrate #NationalSeashellDay at The Happiest Hour. It’s a cool spot that looks like and makes you feel like you are down in the Keys with Palm tree wallpaper and turquoise banquets. A perfect setting for the event. 

They have a full bar and fun selection of drinks with names like Surfer Girl and my fave Maid to Order(Mint, Cucumber, Lime juice and Vodka). While in many places these drinks turn out too sweet that was not the case here whatsoever. The drinks here are perfectly balanced with just the right amount of sweet and enough of a punch to remind you you’re drinking a cocktail. 

If you get hungry they have a nice little menu of upscale pub grub that includes classic tasty Cheeseburgers, Salt and Pepper Broccoli and Bonsai Fried Chicken. The Happiest Hour is great spot to get away from it all…at least for a few hours or so. 

The Happiest Hour is located at 121 West 10th Ave 

Vladimir Kush Gallery Opens in Soho, NYC 

Strolling along West Broadway towards Houston Street I was wondering who took over the previous gallery space that was there for years. As I get closer I see that not only is it occupied, but the Artwork in the window looks familiar. Psyched to say the least that some clothing retail chain didn’t take the space.

I I first discovered the Metaphorical Realism works of Vladimir Kush on a business trip to Vegas. I loved his surrealistic fantasy like settings and figures, use of color and of metaphor in his works. He has been referred to as the Russian Dali

His collection is primarily Oil paintings though he does Bronze sculptures as well. What I found very interesting is the he does watercolors of his works first to lay them out, but he doesn’t just do a basic rough version, these are full on paintings in their own right.  

Check out some samples of his works below, better yet, see them for yourself now that he has a gallery in NYC. 
Vladimir Kush Gallery is located at 473 West Broadway 

Mission Cantina “ChinaTown Style” Burrito’s 

I’ve been a big fan of Chef Danny Bowein’s ever since I first ate at  Mission Chinese which so exceeded the hype. When he first opened Mission Cantina I really liked it and recently re-hit it to check out the updated menu. 

The menu is a mix of Chinese, Mexican and of course a fusion of the two plus some LES sprinkled in. I started with an Aloe Cucumber Melon Margarita from the Margarita menu which was cool and refreshing.  

We ordered the Scallop Chorizo Ceviche , Fish Tacos and General Tso’s Chicken to share. First up was the General Tso’s Chicken served in a spicy garlic sauce. Quite simply a superior version of the classic. 

Next came the Crispy Fish Tacos (2) with Avocado on top with a side of Rice and Beans. Now while they were good…$23 for two fish tacos with small bowls of rice and beans is a bit over-priced. 

Last came what we expected to show up first, the Scallop Chorizo Ceviche which sounded great but didn’t work. The cooked Chorizo made the Scallops warm which made them taste funky…one of the rare cases I sent a dish back. 

This was accepted graciously by our waiter and he recommended getting one of the Mission Burrito’s “ChinaTown style” which packed more of the the same but great Generals chicken. This is the dish you need to come here for. I like the place, I just think they need to tweak the menu a bit. 

Mission Cantina is located at 172 Orchard Street 

#French #Cheese Board 

Who else but the French would put a shop in Soho offering not just a wide variety of Cheeses from the various regions, but also how to eat it them, how to serve them (ie proper cheese boards to use ,I like the ones cut like clouds) and have on hand Cheese experts. 

There was no way I getting out without picking up anything so I had it down between two of their cheeses. I was told the Delice De Borgogne was nice, creamy and spreadable. Nice for girls to share. Ok but what if I were to share it with nice girl? The Bleu D’Auvergne I was informed is more robust and strong…better for me to snack on or share with a Woman. Well whom an I to question a frommage connoisseur (plus I love Bleu Cheeses).

Thus I went Bleu along with a box of au natural crackers that were packed away in a cute black reuseable insulated bag with the names of French cheeses emblazoned upon it. It will definitely look better held by a pretty French girl, but will get plenty of use in my backpack with hitting the beach and pool. 

Of note, the French Cheese Board will host events that will include Cheese Sculptors (did I mention who rise but the French…) and tastings. If you have a thing for French formage and want to learn more about them while trying some hard to find cheeses check this place out. 

French Cheese Board is located at 41 Spring Street