Dizengoff’s off the charts Israeli Hummus 

Quite simply the best Hummus I’ve ever had. They offer a daily rotating menu of toppings, primarily vegetarian (4) and a meat option(Lamb, Chicken,Brisket, Beef). While beet and mint sounded good I’m a carnivore so I went chicken, pumpkin seeds and amba which was delish. The hummus here is silky and smooth like none I’ve ever had before. The chicken was ground and in a peanut like tasting sauce. 

The Hummus platters come with a cucumber, onion, and pickle salad. It also comes served with maybe the best pita like bread in the city. If you like spicy ask for the green shrug…

To drink Dizengoff offers Israeli wines, local beers, and a delish frozen Lemonana(lime and mint)slushy. It is available spiked.  Expect more of these to pop up.

is located at 75 Ninth Avenue in the Chelsea Market 

MLG: #PopFriction #PopArt

Have a thing for Pop Art and Graphic Novella’s (comic books:) ? MLG’s latest show showcases the latest works of French Artist Philippe Bertho along with work from the father of Pop Art Warhol, both his likely successor Mr. Brainwash, and his Japanese contemporary Murakami. The show is rounded out by Kostsbi and Roy Lichtenstein. 

It’s a very well curated collection and for those who love these genres I highly recommended going and getting immersed in these works and mini worlds of wonder. 


Martin Lawrence Galleries is located at 457 West Broadway 

Martha’s Country Bakery: Williamsburg Grand Opening

Straight outta Queens, Martha’s Country Bakery (MCB) just opened a new huge and beautiful space in Williamsburg. You can put on a few pounds just looking at the incredible selection of Kosher Baked goods. 

While you can take it to go, table seating with service is available as well. For you fellow Coffee snobs, they use L’Columbe Coffee for their brews and have some tasty sounding Hot Chocolates. 

It’s a bit of a challenge choosing from the all the layer cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and assorted baked goods that all tantalize and tease you as you gaze upon them. 

I broke down with a slice of the German Chocolate Cake which was rich, moist, and loaded with coconut. I’m going to need to put extra time in the gym with due to this place. Of note, they open very early at 6am and stay open till 2am in the morning for your post drinking and clubbing needs. 

Martha’s Country Bakery is located at 263 Bedford Avenue 

Red Wing Pop-Up Soho

Red Wing boots just opened up a Pop-up in Soho showcasing both its classic men’s work boots and new line of Women’s Boots which are pretty stylish. The shop right now is only open till the end of October. Though I’m wondering if with these wellmade sweet boots this shop lasts longer. 
Red Wing is located at 98 Thompson Street

R.M. Williams Boots: Soho

The Aussie version of the classic Chelsea Boot is quite simply the best. R.M Williams an Australian heritage brand recently opened up a beautiful new store in Soho.

Their boots are like wearing gloves on your feet and are very well made lasting a very long time. When you eventually wear out the bottoms you can bring them in and have them replaced for a very fair price.

In addition to their classic leather and new gorgeous suede boots they also carry jeans, sweaters and assorted leather goods. I have two pair of boots I need new bottoms for, question is will I make it out without adding a new pair of their sweet suede boots to my collection? 

R.M. Williams is located at 152 Spring Street

Don Antonia by Starita: Pistachio Pesto Pizza! 

For the most part, I’m a by the slice kinda guy. However every now and then I get a craving for a by the pie coal oven Pizza. When I saw that Don Antonia by Starita has lunch sized pies, it satisfied my craving while finding a new lunch spot in Midtown. 

The menu offers quite a few to choose from but the Sausage with Pistachio (love pistachios:) Pesto caught my eye and had to have one. I got the 8″ lunch sized pie with a side salad of Arugula, Grape Tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. Though the pizza was petite, it was surprisingly filling. 

Since I had a non-dining event around dinner time while there I grabbed a Sausage and Broccoli Rapini Panini for later. It was larger then expected and like the Pizza, great. Again that superior dough. 

While I took my food to go, it is a pretty nice space inside with good sized copper topped bar. I’ll have to swing by again for lunch or maybe dinner to check out their cocktail list. 

Don Antonia by Starita is located a 309 West 50th Street 

Gotan: Great Coffee in a Cool Space in Midtown

Looking for a good cup of coffee in a cool looking spot in midtown? Gotan is by far one of the best looking coffee spots you will find in Midtown. More importantly they serve Counter Culture Coffee brewed beverages. Their drip and cold brews are both very good and they also do some tasty Lemonades and Iced Teas. 

Hungry? Breakfast and lunch sandwiches, salads and baked treats available to go with your beverage. I had the Whitefish on a bialy one morning with a pickle for breakfast which was very good. Just note, that like sandwiches are in the $8-12 range. If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee in a cool looking space to transport you, check out this great space on West 46th Street. 
Gotan is located at 20 West 46th Street 

Gino’s of Long Beach Old School Red Sauce Joint 

Gino’s  has been my usual stop for slices forever…so a full on sit down diner before popping on the LIRR(it’s literally right across the street) was long overdue. 

The dining room is fairly large and who would think the on the other side of this tastefully decorated spot with nice comfy booths is a Pizza Joint. Gino’s has a fairly large menu composed primarily of classic Italian-American dishes. 

She went Eggplant Rollatine with Pasta Pomodoro, I went with my usual old school red sauce joint Shrimp Parm and decided to watch my girlish figure by going with the side salad(which was big enough for two…I shared my cherry tomatoes). To drink a glass of Italian Savingon Blanc. 

Portions here are fairly large and we both took half our dinners home. Which even the leftover portion was a filling meal. I love Gino’s everything pie and their Eggplant slice…so it’s great to know it makes a very enjoyable dining spot as well. Add this to your Old School Red Sauce, Long Beach and Long Island restaurant lists. 

Gino’s is located at 16 West Park Avenue in Long Beach. 

Gowanus Yacht Club Night Cap

After bouncing around Brooklyn’s newest hotspot hood Gowanus it was time for one more before jumping on the Subway. My cuz and came upon the Gowanus Yacht Club sitting right on top of the F and G Train entrance. The place looks like a friends backyard with picnic tables and a charcoal grill to throw hot dogs, burgers and sausages. 

They have a nice selection of both local Craft and Imported Beers($5 to $8, it is a Yacht Club after all) to choose from. Throw in a friendly staff with a laid back atmosphere and good tunes and you have a cool spot to start or finish your night. 

The Gowanus Yacht Club is located at 323 Smith Street in Brooklyn 

@ACGears Super Tech Store on 8th Street 

I have a trip coming up and I needed a new re-charger. I read good things about the Fluxmob Bolt and after reaching out to them for where to get one in NYC (the places I thought would have it did not) a Customer Service rep replied to my e-mail inquiry that AG Gears had it. 

I hopped on the subway (it’s right off the (N,R) and popped into a very cool store filled with electronic gadgets and gifts(see pics) in an all white minimalist setting. Grace their PR Manager not only went over the Bolt and other options with me, she then helped me with a much needed new set of ear-phones(they offer a large variety to choose from and you can test them). I got a sweet pair from RHA

While checking out when I told Grace I was getting them for a trip to Japan she shared she goes regularly and started writing down places for me to go! Totally taking Customer Service to another level! If you’re looking for some sweet tech gear with form and function in mind for yourself or for gifts check out AC Gears. I may need to swing back for a Samurai Sword handled umbrella…

AC Gears NYC is located at 69 East. 8th Street