Coffee and Cream by #Oddfellows …Ice Ice Baby…

Like your Coffee with Ice… Cream? Looks like the Oddfellows team has another hit on their hands with their latest spot Coffee and Cream on the corner of Houston and Mott. Here not only do they serve the beloved Miso Cherry, Burnt Marshmallow etc Ice Cream flavors but a variety of Coffee beverages.

I went for an Affogato (Shot of Espresso with a scoop of ice cream) which I love…but the special Espresso Con Panna caught my eye. Its a shot of Espresso topped with a flavored thick schlag like whipped cream. The current flavor is Saffron Cardamon Pistachio which looks as good as it tastes.

Coffee and Cream by Oddfellows also carries a number of baked goods including yummy Du’s Donuts. I’ll be back to work my way through the menu…turns out Coffee and Ice Cream are high up on my list of vices…yours?

Coffee and Cream by Oddfellows is located at 55 East Houston Street


Uncle Boon’s Sister : Thai To Go…

Love Thai food and are looking for a good spot to grab and go or eat quickly in Soho? Uncle Boon’s Sister is arecently opened casual counter service offshoot of Uncle Boon’s Thai food that is primarily for take-out, though there are some tables inside and out.

Her menu is fairly small with about 10 main dishes, a few appi’s and couple of deserts…but what they do have is yummy. I had the Sai Oua Thai sausage with sticky rice and their Thai Papaya salad which is amazing! Looking forward to checking out more of the menu.

Uncle Boon’s Sister is located at 203 Mott Street

MoMaCha Trippy and Drippy on Bowery

Do you crave Matcha, simply can’t get enough of the stuff and need to be the first to post your Insta-worthy photos? If so, head over to recently opened MoMaCha a trippy Cafe serving Matcha drinks, pastries and Soft-serve Ice cream inside an art installation that looks like the inside of a cavern on a psychedelic planet full of strange drippy lifeforms.

I had the Black Coconut Soft-Serve in a Green Matcha cone. The ice cream was good though it’s a bit more subtle in flavor than I usually like. The Matcha cone was great and well worth the extra buck. Their croissants and rainbow cookies looked interesting as well.

MoMaCha is located at 314 Boweey

@RoseandBasil – Coffee and Sweets by Day, Vino by Night

I was looking for a place to sit down after grabbing some goods at Becky Bites for a cup of Coffee when I came upon Rose and Basil. It’s a cute little place with rose colored chairs and white wrought iron tables with of course rose designs.

Rose and Basil doubles as a Coffee Cafe spot by day serving La Colombe brewed beans and a Wine Bar by night. They offer a selection of sweet and savory treats. For those with a sweet tooth they have some tasty sounding house baked cakes, treats, sweets and homemade Chocolate truffles.

Rose and Basil is located at 104 East 7th Street

@HuntandFishClubNYC Go big…or go home

By any chance do you have an upcoming business dinner, Bday or the like that’s going to require a high end and expensive spot whose food lives up to the hype? The Hunt & Fish Club delivers and will not only satisfy carnivores but those looking for something lighter from the sea.

I started with their Nova Nero a Negroni riff substituting Woodford Bourbon for Gin, keeping the Antica vermouth and Averna replacing Campari. It was very good and I recommend getting it in a rocks glass on the rocks.

For starters the Wild Mushroom Pappardale with Black Truffles was rich, earthy and delicious. The Owners Recipe Seafood Salad is not so much unique or fancy but a high end classic version of an Italian seafood salad done right with fresh out of the sea seafood.

For entrees I loved the Brooklyn style Pork Chop(see top photo) with Italian peppers which was all succulent meat. The Swordfish with artichoke, tomatoes and capers will make those craving seafood satisfied. For a side we shared the Brussel Sprouts with Bacon. While the Brussels were large and plentiful…the bacon was only bits size.

For desert we shared their outstanding Coffee Toffee Eclairs. It came with three, so I brought one home(Summers coming😎) Washed it down with an exceptional cup of coffee.

The space inside is rather opulent (though I found the bar area upfront smaller than I expected) and service is done right. It’s the heyday of the 1980’s here and people order food and drink like it’s 1999…like the table that ordered the most expensive bottle of VSOP (that required a ladder to get to it) by the ounce served via a steampunk looking syringe…


Hunt & Fish Club is located at 125 West 44th Street

@KaysBoutiques of Bangkok Flavored French Toast Sticks

Straight Out of Bangkok comes Kay’s Boutique Cafe to Soho. Chef Pavitra Kobkulsuwan who loves breakfast, especially French Toast Brings her dessert French Toast sticks in four flavors along with Matcha and bean beverages to our shores in this limited edition Pop-Up.

Of the four I tasted the Salted Caramel which was yummy but had to go Ultimate (Almond cream, sliced Bananas and topped with Bacon and Almond crumbles). A Matcha and a Hot Chocolate flavored round out the selection.

These are very tasty and a fairly unique, taste treat… though a couple of caveats. They are about 5 x 2 inches and cost $6.50 – $7.50 making them twice the cost of a likesized if not bigger high end bakery cupcake. Also I would recommend eating them there or shortly after you get home. I had mine the next morning and while it still tasted good, it did dry out a bit.

To drink they have some interesting sounding beverages. I choose the Hulk that takes Belgium chocolate and tops it with Matcha. I loved it and while the French Toast sticks are more sized and priced for petite girls looking for the next instagramable (the interior has neon quotes on mirrors screaming for a pic) dessert, price be damned, the drinks were large, delicious and very fairiy priced at $5.50.

If you have a sweet tooth, love French Toast, and are 👀 ng for the next instagramable sensation…come to Kay’s where it’s O’Kays to have another one:)

Kay’s Boutique Cafe Pop-up is located at 240 Mulberry throughout the Spring of 2018

Bar Tano – Brooklyn Style Italian Bistro

Live, work or play by Gowanus/Park Slope Brooklyn and looking for a good Italian spot with a well stocked bar? Bar Tano an Italian Bistro could be your new go to spot. The food menu has a number of Starters, Pizza’s, Pasta’s and Entrees.

The liquor menu offers a number of cocktails, a nice wine selection and a superior selection of Craft Beers on tap that the night I went had a Five Boroughs Gose and Other Half Session IPA.

The namesake Tano Burger is pretty awesome Italian style cheeseburger . Its made up of a short rib and brisket blend and topped with fontina cheese, caramelized onions, and gremolata. A done right side of frites comes with enough to share accompanies it. Bar Tano is a great spot in this neighborhood for a group of friends or a date.

Bar Tano is located at 457 Third Avenue, Brooklyn

The Bedford’s Mac n Cheese Burger

Do you love Burgers, Mac n Cheese, looking for the next “Ramen Burger”? The Bedford a Gastropub serving superior pub-grub offers during their brunch(which is served every day from 11am to 4pm) the Mac n Cheese burger.

Their Mac n Cheese Burger absolutely blows away Ramen Burgers for all I’m concerned. The latter are an interesting novelty, the former on the other hand is epic.

The Mac n Cheese Burger comes with a salad or fries. Though I didn’t need any more carbs with Mac n Cheese buns…plus a salad made more sense…these fries are pretty awesome.

The rest of the menu of sandwiches and brunch items look great with plenty to choose from, though this Burger makes The Bedford a destination spot.

The Bedford is located at 110 Bedford Avenue

SCOPE Art Fair 2018 Best of…

The annual Scope Art Fair this year had about 60 galleries representing from one to multiple Artists from around the globe who work in a variety of mediums…though Contemporary is the focus. With so much talent and great works to choose from picking faves is no easy task. Here are mine for 2018…

Ben Vanderick represented by Robinson Art Gallery paints beautiful large scale acrylic works of faces and figures using the 14 shades of the grey scale…

Pablo Caviedes represented by ARTI.NYC showcased a 3D acrylic and wood portrait of Obama from his On The Map series. Obama’s face is superimposed on a map of the U.S.A.

Ron English had a very interesting take on Picaso’s masterwork on WW1, Guernica …Ground Troops

Kinky Texas…I thought was the name of this crazy Mad Max like abstract…it’s actually the Artists nom de guerre…

Ole Aakjaer represented by the Oxholm Gallery does beautiful and fairly complex portraits with watercolors. Ole likens watercolor painting to playing electric guitar. ProTip: Ole uses a hairdryer to help quickdry sections of his work so they don’t bleed.

Yoshi Tamura’s Samurai Bunny…what can I say but it’s an Anime waiting to happen…

Victoria Selbach represented by Amelchenko + Bonifas does multi-media pieces with paintings of natural beauties on collages. While I didn’t get to meet the Artist, Tara of A+B was able to share info on Victoria’s style, views and the inspiration she received from her Grandmother for her Artwork.

Marc Garro– this piece with a mermaid on a fish chariot being pulled by squid saxophones was very interesting…

Chie Yoshi ‘s piece of the the Goddess with 4 arms was beautiful…especially her eyes.

Jenny Boot’s photography is rather unique capturing Victorian and Modern imagery. This piece kinda has a Mia from Pulp Fiction and Atomic Blonde thing going on…

AEC Interesni Kazki – So much going on in this trippy psychedelic piece…LSD likely required…

@ScampiNYC What to order…and what…

Long thin, though tasty breadsticks served with a thimble of complementary artichoke spread was a foreshadowing of the meal to come. While Scampi is the house specialty this new Italian spot is more SoCal than NY. The food is good, its a good looking space and service is top notch. It just needs to tweak a few things…

For instance, the cocktail menu sounded great, the bartenders looked on top of their game…but my drink the Rubino tasted like Grapefruit juice with no alcohol. The Il Fumo was worse, like weak cough medicine with no smokyness from The MIA Mezcal. I drank an orange italian wine with a mineral thing going on with my meal. If you like sauvignon blancs try it.

Things picked up with the food which was very good…though I found some of the portions and prices out if whack while others fair. Tuna Aqua Pazzo (Tartare) tasted very good but the portion was petite with too much tomato.

The Pork braised Mezzaluna Ravioli was good, the Mafaldini the house dish (also one of its biggest) a scampi sauce with shrimp over pasta much better. For entrees the Langostines (Shrimp) Scampi was a solid version…as was the Branzino over Cippolini Onions and Broccolini.

For desert the Cannoli were lighter then usual, good, but two mini’s for $10? The Budino a chocolate pudding bar with hazelnut gelato and creme frache was delish…loved it.

To wrap it up, portions are more geared towards “Skinny Vino” gals, prices vary from very fair to totally out of whack ($19! for a side of Beets!) and I would drink Cocktails elsewhere in the neighborhood, opting for wine with your meal.

Scampi is located at 11 West 18th Street